Arts & Culture

Arts and culture play a big part in the tourist experience in Coolamon Shire. We have a very strong arts community and host regular exciting artistic and cultural events.

See below our suggested self- guided tours which highlight the Arts and Culture attractions and annual events that feature in the Coolamon Shire!

In addition, you can view some of our other offerings on our Attractions page, the Up-to-Date Store Cultural and Learning Precinct page and by viewing our Events Calendar.

“Capture Coolamon Shire” Tour (November)

Whole Shire Tour, ending at UTDS and Photography Gallery

See the shire as the photographers have! Experience the area for real and then return to the Coolamon Up-To-Date-Store to view the Gallery of photographs and appreciate this beautiful part of the world.

"WinterFest" Tour (July)

Ganmain, Coolamon, Marrar, Ardlethan

Follow the route of the Coolamon Shire WinterFest Cultural Festival! Start in Ganmain where the month long festival begins with a community bonfire, then trek east-ward to Coolamon and take in the sights and heritage of the Up-To-Date-Store which houses the Up-2-Date Art Exhibition. Enjoy rockabilly music and country markets in Marrar before heading North towards Ardlethan and the home of the Ardlethan German Beer and Wine Festival. Tour in one day or follow the events for the month; the choice is yours!