Coolamon Heritage Tours

Experience the picturesque heritage towns and history of the Coolamon Shire whilst enjoying a self-guided heritage tour.

Our suggestions for your itinerary are listed below.

Cultural Heritage

CoolamonArdlethanGanmain (via Matong

Visit the Heritage- Listed Up-To-Date-Store and recently refurbished RSL Museum in Coolamon, learn about the origins of the Kelpie dog in Ardlethan and take in the Ganmain Hay Display Centre and Historical Museum.

Settlers Footsteps


Walk in the footsteps of the settlers of the area and take in all the shire has to offer! Start at Coolamon and take a big loop through Ganmain, Matong, Ardlethan, Beckom and Marrar. Visit the range of heritage places and historical sites, ending your adventure back where you started. Take your time, have a bite to eat along the way and enjoy good old- fashioned country hospitality.