Caravans and Camping

If you’re travelling with a caravan or other RV, or prefer to call a tent home during your holiday, Coolamon Shire has some fantastic facilities to make your holiday one to remember.

Parking Information for Short Stops

If you are just passing through Coolamon Shire and want to stop for a coffee, snack or just to freshen up, or are planning to spend few hours exploring the town before you head on to your next destination, this section of our website will be of great assistance!

When towing, it can often be hard knowing where the best parking is located, which roads are suitable for long and heavy vehicles. We hope to answer some of your questions here.

Q. We are only making a short stop in Coolamon Shire. Where are the best places to park our car and caravan that is close by to the shops and attractions?

Coolamon: On many days, you will be able to find suitable parking in one of the streets that run off Coolamon’s main street. Ample parking is also available near Lions Park, beside the historic railway station.

Ardlethan: Long vehicles and RVs can park behind the toilet block in the main street, or on one of the side streets surrounding the shopping strip.

Ganmain: Parking in Ganmain is available in Victory Park beside the toilets. This is a nice central position and perfect for those much needed toilet breaks!

Marrar: In the small village of Marrar, parking should be available in the main street.

Beckom: Long vehicle and heavy vehicle parking is available in the park opposite the Beckom Pub – convenient for a quick toilet stop or refreshment.

Matong: Parking for long vehicles is available outside the toilets in the main street park .

Our Roads

Coolamon Shire's roads are suitable for towing long and heavy vehicles. All main arterial roads within the Shire are bitumen surfaced.  We do have some gravel roads within the Shire, but they are not on the typical tourist route and would not pose a problem to any vehicles passing through our towns or accessing our accommodation offerings, services and attractions.

Click here to get updates on road conditions and any local road works taking place in the Shire.

Service Centres and Mechanics

If you require a refuel or a mechanic while in Coolamon Shire, please refer to the list below which will help you locate your nearest centre. 


Harry's Roadhouse

Ardlethan Service Centre
Ariah Street, Ardlethan
Ph: 02 6978 2269


Caltex Service Centre
84 Wade Street, Coolamon
Ph: 02 6927 3109


Central Garage
56 Ford Street, Ganmain
Ph: 02 6927 6415


G & C Wallace Mechanics
Ph: 02 6927 4477